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Warriors Scores: Jordan Poole, Otto Porter Jr. GSW Last Knuckles

The Golden State Warriors They have relied heavily on Jordan Poole and Otto Porter Jr. this season, especially as they wait. Clay ThompsonReturn. If the first two pre-season games are any indication, it will work well for the dubs.

After two days at the pool and porter A Warriors 121-107 stars in victory On Portland Trail Blazers, The two snipers again won the Stars 118-116 Denver Nuggets.

Poole had an off night from a distance as he shot only 1 for 6, but he still managed a team’s maximum of 17 points in 14 shots with 3 shots and some solid defense. Porter came off a very efficient 15 points from the bench, requiring 19 minutes and 7 shots to lead all the bench players. Encouragingly, Porter was able to get 9 rebounds at the time and played his usual strong defense.

The Warriors turned a huge deficit into a half-time lead as those two led the way in the second quarter. Golden State trailed 15 places in the second frame, with MVP Nicola Jogic spraying Denver’s offensive rhythm 17 points and 10 rebounds in just 16 minutes.

But the rally came, destroying the Taps deficit, finishing the first half 13-0 and taking a one-point lead in the half, with Steff Curry delivering Cherry with a beautiful step-back three on Sunday with just a few seconds left.

From there there were mostly reserves. Curry, Tremond Green and Andrew Wiggins sat in the second half, and after a few minutes of action Poole joined them.

Nemanja Bijelica again saw the perfect fit for the offense, shooting from a deep path 3 to -5 for 13 points and always making the right pass. Jordan Bell brought in tons of energy in his pre-season debut, and Langston Galloway and Avery Bradley struggled to make an impact again. Jonathan Cummins and Moses Moody were more comfortable than Monday’s game, but not ready to contribute.

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And when the dust settled, a meaningless game landed on the bar, with the Warriors trying to add a possession lead with the final possession of the game. The ball defining the first half went out of motion, but Chris Siosa — the man on the two-way deal — went wrong with the shooting and left the game at the charity.

Tubbs improved 2-0 in the latter season. They play next Friday night, when they host Los Angeles Producers PT on NBA TV at 7:00 p.m.